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See How A Video Content Network Can Increase Your Videos Reach And Rank
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  • No Hassle, 'Get Going When You Want' design - You'll be stunned by how easy it is to get started in only a few minutes, we take care of all the heavy lifting.
  • Protecting you at every step of the way - You'll love that we submit all our videos 100% manually on only the best sites, keeping your videos safe from being labeled as spammy.

Here's Your New Video Marketing Solution For Reaching Highly Engaged Customers

Submit My Video will create a new way for you to fast track your video marketing efforts so you can share any great video content you have with the world with a simple press of a few buttons. It's about to do this by leveraging our BPM system gets started on building your brand presence immediately upon submission.

Once you've submit your video and selected how powerful you want your video content boost to be; we get started by selecting the best video hosting sites we'll use to elevate your video. After this we 100% manually submit your video to each of these specifically chosen hosting sites. This establishes your videos in the eyes of search engines as having authority. When Google sees this, they want to help you out because they see your video as a success; so they reward you with organic traffic video gains authority; search engines like Google then reward you and grant your video organic traffic! Mission accomplished.

Multiply Your Video Marketing Efforts With Out Multiplying Your Marketing Budget

Watch Your Video Impressions Grow Across Multiple Platforms Allowing You To Reach New Customer Who Are Ready To Buy

The Magic Behind How Submit My Video Drives Customers To Your Videos When They're Ready To Buy

We Start With Selecting The Right Video

What we've done is make your life easier by allowing you to choose any film you'd like - no limitations. This let's you choose a tried-and-true video that you already know your customers love, and then further boost it's visibility so that even prospective clients who don't know who you are and haven't purchased from you yet can become as excited about your business as you are.

Just like if you were a large film production company and were deciding how to allocate your marketing budget for your films. The first thing you would do is see how your film does when released in a small selection of cinemas. If things go well, great! Pump up the budget and double or triple down on a sure thing, why wouldn't you?

Then We Release Your Video To Every Theatre In The Area

Now, you've seen your film did well in your early release in select cinemas, the next step is establishing it as an authority so the large cinema chains want to pick it up and actually do well with the release. One of the key ways of making this happen is ensuring to tap in to the power of the initial audiences of your films release in select cinemas.

How this translates in to what we do is essentially - the large cinema chains you want to do well in would be YouTube and Vimeo, they are where you have the largest audience to reach. What we do is submit your videos to high ranking video hosting sites to establish you as an authority. This leads YouTube and Vimeo to trust you more, and in turn you start to build momentum and bring in organic traffic.

Followed By Promoting You Video To Raise Awareness

Of course like any great national film release campaign, once you have showings all across the country, there's another critical piece to the puzzle. It comes down to activating your network of evangelists. People talking about your movie to their friends and reviewing it are what's going to keep more coming back.

How this translates for you, is that in order to get the best results, you'll want to tap in to the power of your current customers. Every time they are able to talk and either link back or review your video - search engines start to notice. When Google see's people love what you have to offer, their like a megaphone for your video marketing campaign and will drive people to your content for free.

The Solution To Growing Your Online Video Presence Is Just Moments Away

You've seen just how quickly Submit My Video can build you an video marketing content network your business can be proud of and ultimately will bring you in highly engaged and targeted customers. You know that this is accomplishable because we're putting your videos right in front of your customers on the video networks they're consuming content on. Plus, once you start using Submit My Video, the sooner you'll see additional sites or social media share starting to promote your business free of charge. So pick the package that fits the needs of your business , and start watching your online video reach explode!

Visual content is 40x more likely to be shared on social media than other types of content
 - Buffer
Over 100 million hours of video is watched on Facebook daily
 - TechCrunch
YouTube is the second largest search engine with over 1 billion monthly users
 - Entrepreneur

A Flexible Marketing Solution To Fit Within All Needs Of Every Business

Tired of being pitched a video marketing solution made for Fortune 500 sized marketing budgets ?
From the moment we conceived Submit My Video, we built it to be a marketing solution that can scale along with the growth of your business. Which means if you're just starting out, or if you have been established for years. Your business can benefit from all of the following benefits Submit My Video provides...
Build Your Video Marketing Content Network

This right here is the bread and butter of what you need to do in order to build yourself a perpetual marketing machine from organic traffic, and what we do for you. By building out your video throughout a variety of carefully selected high quality video hosting sites, you start to become an authority. What this means is that, search engines start to value what you're sharing more, in turn they grant you free traffic. It's a win-win.

100% Manually Built To Protect Your Footprint

During our profile build out process we've made sure to do so 100% manually. Sure it costs us more, and isn't as quick as complete automation - but what it let's us do is what others aren't willing to pay for. This will create a natural foot print that search engines like Google like to see.

Scale Your Video Marketing With Your Business

One of the worst feelings is having a gift card you haven't had the opportunity to use, and then when you finally walk in to the store to use it - you find out it's expired. That's just not a fun feeling. So what we've done is that once you purchase any amount of credits from us, they will stay in to your account until you are ready to use them, there's no pressure or time frame you need to worry about.

One Simple Dashboard To Manage Your Videos

Although we try to simplify and explain our software in a way everyone can understand, there are still very complex processes going on in the background to achieve the results that they do. That's why we wanted to be consistent in terms of simplicity. That's why once you've purchased Submit My Video, you'll see that getting started and submitting your video is as simple a process as uploading a photo to Facebook, thanks to our Dashboard.

Freedom To Market Any Video

When it comes to Submit My Video, we strove to make sure that you're completely empowered to choose the video of your choosing. Although bringing a video from Showcase My Biz that we can create for you is phenomenal, there might be a better option. In some cases you may already have a video that's tested and has done well with some of your customers. This is why we wanted to give you the freedom to choose your video; because investing in video content you know already works through a boost is most likely going to be the best option for you. 

​Note: At this time Submit My Video does not support adult video content.

Less Time Marketing, More Time Building Your Business

What we don't want you stuck doing is submitting your video to hundreds of hosting sites where most of them won't give you any value; and even worse may hurt you. That's why using our BPM system we allow you to essentially submit your video directly to each site that will give you the best result without having to put in the time to get it taken care of. This is so that you can stay focused on running your business; while we help more people notice the great things you're already doing.

Plus So Much More As Were Always Adding New Features To Our Dashboard To Give You The Tools You Need To Grow!

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